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CTO online gaming company / The netherlands


Functie: CTO online gaming company
Regio / plaats: The Netherlands
Contact: Capabla
Referentienr: 076846

CTO online gaming company

vacancy CTO online gaming companyA fast growing company in the online gaming industry is seeking a CTO. The company still manages to fly just below the radar to gain advantage on competition. This advantage is gained on high scores/markers regarding strategy, scalability, flexibility, regulations, localizability and more unique points which the competition lacks.

As the Chief Technology Officer, you will be in charge of the technological strategy and managing the development team (a team of 20 developers and designers). Next to this, you will of course represent the company to the various stakeholders as being on c-level.

To be successful in this position, you should have gained maturity in your development skills with the various software and technological parts of scalable platforms for numerous online users (up to one million concurrent players).

You are able to take a deep dive to somewhere down the code, but also to rise above it all to see where you stand, what is needed in product requirements and turning this into reality.

Are we looking for a unicorn? Maybe!

The founders have brought the platform in a few years’ time up to the current level and they seek you to continue to their next stage. As their responsibility grew in last years and the stakes are becoming increasingly higher, the decision is made to re-order job responsibilities and make way for a new CTO.

Are you able to navigate the company, together with the founders, to a successful European roll-out?

What we ask of you

An entrepreneurial mindset. Strong development skills, able to manage and head a growing development team. Assuring platform scalability, stability, security, latest technology usage, high software quality, agile software development and the best DevOps practices. Or in other words: a full stack CTO.

Amongst others, experience is required with micro transactions / payment platforms, Java8, AWS, iOS/Android apps, hosting, performance scalability, games and startups/scale-ups.

English is the main language. Dutch speaking/writing is a nice to have.

What is offered?

A lot. Becoming part of a fun, but goal driven team with an average age of 28 years. A company that proved itself and is growing fast, based on a well thought out strategy. A position where your effort makes the difference. A bright future.

How to continue?

Would you like to apply? Please do so my mailing Wouter at join@thetechnologists.io. An accompanying motivational letter about your ‘why’ is highly appreciated. Would you like to call Wouter before applying, you can reach him at +31 6 54 74 23 04.

[ vacancy first published at https://thetechnologists.io/careers/CTO-online-gaming-company-The-Netherlands-076844/ ]


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