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hard- and software for quantum connectivity

vacancy junior quantum FPGA Engineer We develop hardware and software for quantum connectivity, with the ultimate goal of establishing a quantum networking system that will pave the way for the quantum internet. Are you a Quantum FPGA Engineer who has recently completed (or is near completion of) your studies and aspires to join a challenging startup?

We are a team of experienced experts in the fields of physics, engineering, hardware and software development, photonics, and quantum networking. We are dedicated to providing a system for quantum connectivity. Following successful proofs of concept, we have secured our first customers who utilize our technology for secure quantum communication. Now, we are entering the phase of scaling up and are seeking less experienced yet enthusiastic junior professionals who wish to contribute to the future of quantum networking.

Vacancy: Quantum FPGA Junior Engineer

If you are passionate about quantum and lack sufficient experience or education in the field, worry not; we will provide training on the job, allowing you to learn and grow. You should possess a passion for software or digital logic. In this role, you will collaborate with senior engineers to focus on digital design, construction, testing, and documentation of our systems:

  • Designing digital systems: collaborate on translating our objectives into digital circuits using logic gates, considering factors such as efficiency, power consumption, and size.
  • Simulation and testing: participate in simulating circuits before physical implementation.
  • Programming: develop code to define FPGA circuit functionality for controlling quantum hardware to perform desired tasks.

While this may appear complex, if you comprehend CPU architectural concepts, have developed Arduino libraries for interfacing with microcontrollers, or have engaged in bit hacking, you possess the right mindset and skills for this position.

Some formalities regarding the desired profile include:

  • A master’s degree in engineering, electronics, computer science, or a comparable field.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as C, C++, or Rust (bonus points for familiarity with Linux, VHDL, Verilog, and additional bonus points for strong scripting skills, such as Python).
  • Skills in digital electronics/design and practical experience with test & measurement equipment.
  • PCB design experience is not required but would be considered a plus.

While much more could be desired, those qualifications would align more with a senior position, which is a separate vacancy.

We offer:

First and foremost, the opportunity to work alongside a talented team of professionals in the quantum industry, from whom you can gain valuable knowledge. We foster an open working culture and have an international team. We value each team member for their individual skills and personality. Additionally, we provide full-time employment, over 30 days of annual leave and holiday allowance, flexible working hours, and more.

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