Social Networking 2011

The 2010 European Digital Year in Review

The trend for 2011 based on the European Digital Year of 2010 by comScore states amongst others: 2011 will likely see a continued growth in the use of such [social networking] sites, as the social networking continues to be an integral part of online life.

Another outcome: the biggest group of users of Facebook are people in the age group of 15 – 24 years old and for LinkedIn this group is of age 35 -44.

Jobs and Career

Like social networking your job and career is an integral part of your online and offline life. Not only for job seekers and employees, but also for employers as they provide jobs or offer careers in order to have their business grow.

So, is it wrong to conclude that a platform in the career market can become such a social networking site?

Will Facebook and LinkedIn be the ones? And what about privacy. With planned IPO’s and future need of stock value is it possible to guarantee the privacy to its users?