Social Networking 2011 (2)

LinkedIn sharing private information

LinkedIn announces in their blog that they will change how their members can be seen in ads. Did they forget their core guiding value “Members First” with their need of stock value (see also “And what about privacy. With planned IPO’s and future need of stock value is it possible to guarantee the privacy to its users?”) when they started advertising?

Maybe they forgot and probably will have learned from this. Especially since questions are being asked by Dutch authorities. Next time they are going to make changes in the privacy settings of their members they will think a second time about this before changes are made and inform their members better.

Facebook / Google+ / LinkedIn

Did LinkedIn, on taken this decision, have their share holders in mind or is this the beginning of a war between Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn: who will attract the most and best advertisers?

Google+ currently focuses on individuals, but once company profiles are allowed Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn will become full competitors in the social networking market. So will advertisers go to the network who will ‘share’ the most of information about their members? And what about the members and their privacy? Will they all migrate to the network who shares the least information?

We will see what is going to happen coming months.