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Photonic Product Engineer – The Netherlands

vacancy Photonic Product Engineer @ Quantum Computing Company The Netherlands Are you a (junior/medior) Photonic Engineer with (some) experience in the assembly and testing of photonic devices? Are you seeking an opportunity in the photonic quantum industry where you can also serve as a point of contact for our customers, but you are not yet sure in which specific direction you want to grow?

Quantum Computing Company

We are a quantum computing company with an excellent track record in the development and sales of devices needed for quantum computing, such as photonic integrated circuits (PIC’s). Our pipeline of orders for products from customers is filling up, and now we are scaling up our teams.

photonic product engineer quantum computing vacancy the netherlands

In addition to finance, sales, marketing, and people/talent, we have four quantum teams: Quantum Matter & Optics (theorists & experimentalists), Quantum Engineering (development of quantum technologies), Quantum Software (algorithms), and Quantum Product (devices & projects).

For the Quantum Product team, we are seeking an enthusiastic (junior/medior) Photonic Product Engineer who feels a strong attraction to photonics and quantum computing and sees him-/herself more as a ‘handyperson’ than a scientific theorist.

Vacancy – Photonic Product Engineer

In your role as a Photonic Product Engineer, you will mainly work in our team that assembles, tests, and ships quantum processors to our customers. The specifics of your position can be divided as follows:

Assembly, Characterization, Verification

You will be responsible for the actual assembly of photonic processors, including all steps of testing, measuring, characterization, verification, and data processing/analysis of the PIC’s. Your thoughts and suggestions on all processes will be highly appreciated. This also means that you will be in contact with our suppliers to improve quality or suggest alterations to streamline operations.

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